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TFC Europe Ltd offers a fast supply chain service; the single source for all your ‘C’ Class items.

With our fast supply chain service, TFC use the latest industry methods and have built on their excellent reputation as a technical fastener supplier to provide a truly global supply and distribution service for a vastly increased product portfolio. Success has been achieved in maximising our customer’s productivity and profitability by streamlining their supplier base, offering tailored delivery systems, product expertise, sophisticated parts selection and fast delivery from our growing number of branches across the UK and Europe.

A recent example of this organic growth success has been the introduction of a customer-tailored DLF operation with one of the UK’s leading ball valve manufactures who were looking to significantly improve upon the system already in place.

Steve Teale, TFC’s Sales Director recalls; TFC had an excellent relationship through the long-term supply of a range of Smalley Spirolox rings and circlips. We identified an opportunity to further grow this relationship with cross-selling of other fastener products and services, specifically with our flexible Direct Line Feed solutions as the customer expressed concerns on their current service levels with their existing supplier.

TFCs Commercial team offered a competitively priced package which allowed our Logistics team to carry out a routine site survey and to analyse the customer™s current set-up. We soon identified signs of sub-standard service, double bin stock outs, untidy racking, poor labelling and we were advised of on-going price increases which were affecting their production schedules and ultimately, the reputation of this manufacturer with their customers.

After completion of the site survey, our Logistical team were able to offer an improved stock management system. The new racking was introduced at TFCs investment, complete with new stock bins and clear 2D bar-code labelling which allowed the customer to track and reduce consumption and overheads.

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VMI Case Study - Fluid Transfer / Valves

Furthermore, through utilising TFC’s vast experience and technical knowledge base, we introduced cost reduction initiatives by working with our customer’s engineering department to approve alternative products that would enable cost reductions and to rationalize their stock profile.

As a result of our fast supply chain service, we have increased sales ten-fold and established a much broader footing with our customer and subsequently, we identified additional product supply opportunities to enable us to grow with the customer in the future.

The TFC teams did a great job on this and many other projects where we have assisted the customer to achieve their production efficiency targets. We look forward to working with many more new and existing customers to help make improvements to their business says Steve.

Our fast Supply Chain service is available from TFC globally. Please click here to read more, and/or call +44 (0)1435 866011 to arrange an appointment with one of our local team.

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Latest News From TFC

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