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As springs suppliers, we have the capability to solve your spring design problem no matter how unusual the application, dimension or material. In addition to an extensive range of standard sizes and types, we can provide customised springs for those applications where a standard spring is unsuitable.

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The Institute of Spring Technology (IST) is the UK based International Independent Centre of Excellence for Spring Technology.

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With over 40 years experience and with a technical support team available in-house & in the field, TFC are pleased to advise the ideal Industrial Springs for your application.

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Industrial Springs Range

Since civilization, industrial springs have been a substantial part of the engineering and construction world. While the design of the industrial spring has changed dramatically to become what we have at TFC, it still serves the same purpose of providing flexibility and stability in large and small structures, equipment and machines.

We have many distinct industrial spring designs to suit different applications and equipment. Our springs are made from different materials to ensure they can flourish in different application environments and deliver the best performance.

What is an Industrial Spring?

Springs come in many sizes, dimensions and configurations. An industrial spring is not any different. It’s a spring manufactured from metal, metallic alloys or non-metallic materials to provide support, mobility, and flexibility for various industrial applications and machinery.

Industrial springs come in different sizes and feature in all types of machinery, from massive CNC milling machines to watches, telephones and consumer electronics. The springs can be manufactured through prototyping technologies like 3D or via CND machining.

Because of the massive applications of these types of springs, it’s necessary to make informed decisions when choosing the right industrial spring. The springs are mechanical devices that play a critical role in the performance of the larger set-up. The spring needs to store just the right amount of energy and force to restore equilibrium when required. Because these springs have vast applications, ensuring you have the right one for your working mechanism is crucial.

Types of Industrial Springs

Industrial springs are classified into three main categories;

Compression springs

These types of springs are characterised by their resistance to axial compressive forces. They are the most common and effective energy storage springs on the market.

As the name suggests, this type of spring compresses or shortens when force is applied, storing energy in the process.

The energy is released when the spring tries to stretch back to its original length pushing back against the load. Our Wave Smalley springs are a good example of a compression spring.

Extension Springs

Extension or tension springs are terms used to describe springs that can resist tensile forces or pressures that try to pull them apart. They are springs that are initially coiled with tension, and when they’re lengthened, they attempt to return to their initial shape resulting in a pulling force. The springs can be easily linked to elements that need to be kept together by the force of the spring because they have a hook or a loop at the ends.

Torsion Springs

Torque-resistant applications require the use of torsion springs. These are helically wrapped springs with arms on the ends. They spin around their central axis. The arms are attached to extraneous parts providing pressure on the spring. It’s crucial to remember that a torsion spring is only loaded in one direction, which causes the diameter of the spring to shrink.

Types of Industrial Springs We Offer

TFC carries an extensive range of Smalley industrial springs for various applications and machines. We also offer engineering services to clients looking for customised springs for unique applications. Our standard industrial springs include the following;

Nested Wave Springs – YBSSB (Metric)

This is a flat wire wave spring with multiple turns coiled in parallel to produce higher forces. These forces increase proportionally to the number of turns. This nested wave spring is available in a standard series, but the single stacks of single-turn wave springs can be replaced in applications that require higher loads than single-turns can produce.

Nested Wave Springs – YNSSR (imperial)

This is also a flat wire wave spring with multiple turns coiled in parallel to produce higher forces. The spring can be engineered to produce higher forces by adding a number of turns, making the spring highly adjustable to match various engineering requirements.

Coil Springs

We have years of experience supplying industrial coil springs and specialist coil spring solutions to various clients. We have an extensive range of wave springs, standard compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, wire shapes, flat springs, die springs and disc springs.

We are your one-stop shop for all your industrial coil springs needs. Our vast experience and selection of options mean we can serve the needs of every client no matter how demanding, even when their needs are specialised.

Linear springs

Industrial spring applications vary widely. Some applications require the design of the spring to adapt to the function, and this is where our Smalley linear springs spring into action. This range of springs features springs that react in a long straight line instead of the conventional helical spring that fits in a circular cavity. Their unique design means although they are located in an axial direction, they provide a radial force between mating components.

Disc springs

We also offer various disc springs that conform to different DIN dimensions and load characteristics. The springs are fully deburred and have all rounded edges. The materials used to make the discs and washers are carefully considered to provide maximum support and performance in their respective applications.

Applications of Industrial Springs

We carry a vast range of industrial springs. When choosing the right springs, we recommend our clients consider the application of the spring to help choose the right spring for the task. Industrial springs have a wide range of applications in various industries, including;

Automotive industry

Industrial springs have multiple applications in the automotive industry, including in the suspension system, automotive valves, clutches and gear shifters.

Furniture industry

The furniture industry also uses industrial springs for their flexibility and elasticity. The furniture is designed for human comfort or ergonomics. Industrial springs can help to achieve these objectives. The springs are also used in leather sofas to provide elasticity and stability for the user.

Electric vehicles

Industrial springs are also used in the manufacturing process of electric vehicles, particularly in stability and streamlining of operations.

Agricultural industry

Many industrial machineries, including tractors, combine harvesters and pumps, rely on springs. In most cases, the springs needed in this industry are large, strong and have a long working life. Stainless steel springs are the most preferred in this industry, and torsion springs are the most common.

Medical industry

Finally, the medical industry also has equipment that uses industrial springs. Torsion springs made from high-carbon steel are the most preferable in this industry. Applications of the springs include hospital beds, medical immobilisation devices, dental applications and wheelchair lifts.

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