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TFC is one of the leading suppliers of engineering fastener products, with an unrivalled reputation for delivering innovative products

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TFC is a leading supplier of high quality and high performance engineering fastening products that feature in every day equipment right to the most advanced systems including military aeroplanes. We’ve create a reputation for delivering the most innovative line of industrial fasteners which include the following;

Laminar sealing rings

This is a unique range of fastening rings from reputable and leading manufacturer Smalley. They feature a metallic labyrinth seal consisting of multiple rings in a groove. The arrangement of the rings and their orientation is determined by the application and nature of the environment they will be working in. These can be customised to match the requirements of the applications. The laminar seal rings come in various sizes and can be manufactured with no-tool-charges.

Bonded seals

Bonded seals are metal washers that come with rubber inserts. This range of seals features in high-pressure applications with the washer resisting the bursting forces and limiting the deformation of the rubber insert with is self-centralising and bonded to the washer’s inside diameter hence the name, bonded seals.

Bonded seals come in various materials of construction which can be selected based on the suitability of the material’s features. Commonly used materials include brass, bronze, copper, mild steel and stainless steel. The seals are reliable in high and low pressure sealing applications, have high and low temperature capabilities and can reduce bolt torque without any loss of tightening load.

Smalley retaining rings

Smalley is a leading engineering and manufacturing firm best known for the Smalley Wave spring. They also have a range of unique and industry leading retaining rings that TFC supplies.

Smalley retaining rings stand out because of their unique coiled edge to the exact diameter required. The manufacturer offers two primary types of rings in the Spirolox retaining rings and the constant section retaining rings.

These are superior fasteners in their respective applications with many benefits including the fact that the Spirolox rings have no ears to interfere with mating components, come in thousands of configurations and sizes and Smalley has over 30 series available making it impossible not to find a ring that works for your application. The rings have their applications in medical, renewable energy, automotive and even aerospace among other leading industries.

Circlips and retaining rings

Circlips, snap rings or retaining rings are fasteners that grasp the elements or installation onto a shaft, bore or dwelling when assembled in a groove. Once in place, the exposed piece fits like a shoulder holding the particular installation or elements.

Circlips help to solve problems such as clearance diameter, radial and flexible installation, tolerance take-up and thrust load capacity.

These simple fasteners have become an integral part of modern engineering and come in a wide range of options to help engineers pick the right ones for the different application. Circlips and retaining rings come in the standard phosphate finish but can also come in other finishes and materials depending on the requirements of the application in question.

Copper sealing washers

Copper sealing washers are a versatile type of fastener with applications in the plumbing, architectural and industrial assemblies. These washers excel in scenarios necessitating corrosion resistance and thermal or electrical conductivity.

ARaymond™ Quick connectors

ARaymond is a leading engineering brands with connectors deisgned for the automotive industry. The ARaymone quick connectors appear in the vast majority of the fluid transfer line sin the automotive market.

The manufacturer focuses on providing solutions adapted to the challenges and requirements of today’s industries. As the leading supplier of ARaymond quick connectors, TFC can help you source for your connector configuration through our dedicated technical team of engineers.

Panel clips and cable and pipe management

TFC supplies an extensive range of panel clips and cable and pipe management clips. With a vast range of cable and pipe management solutions, grounding clips, metal panel clips, plastic panel clips, push panel clip retaining and captive and panel nuts, we have everything you need to ensure a clean and organised finish to your installation project.

We have an in-house technical support team that can help you source for your C-Class panel clips and pipe management solutions as well as support you in finding customised solutions designed just for your application.

Metal seals

Metal seals are used in applications where it is not possible to use elastomeric or polymer seals because of the exceedingly demanding nature of the application like high temperatures, pressures, cryogenic temperatures, radiation, gas permeability and ultra-high vacuum.

There are various types of metal seals including metal C-rings, spring energised C-rings, metal O-rings and metal U-rings among others. The type of metal seal you choose depends on the design and type of application.

Industrial fasteners and fixings

Industrial fasteners and fixings are possibly more common and relatable to people. They are devices and tools used to hold an assembly together. The primary role of such fasteners is to enhance safety by joining joints and improving structural integrity. Usually, the parts of the fastener are mechanical. Depending on the application in question, there are various types of industrial fasteners and fixings you can choose from including bolts and socket screws, industrial nuts, sheet metal fasteners, industrial screws, studding and threaded rods and threaded inserts among others.

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