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TFC is a leading European supplier of Ball Bearings. A ball bearing is a type of rolling-element bearing that uses balls to maintain the separation between the bearing races.

With over 40 years experience and with a technical support team available in-house & in the field, TFC are pleased to advise the ideal Ball Bearings for your application.

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Ball Bearings Range

Ball bearings are a type of rolling element bearings used to guide rotating parts and reduce friction. They facilitate motion transfer between different parts and transmit energy for mechanical operation. Ball bearings use small balls to maintain separation and distance between the bearing races. They are designed to reduce rotational friction while supporting axial and radial loads.

Ball bearings are typically made of steel, but other materials, such as nylon and ceramic, can also be used depending on the application of the bearing.

Types of Ball Bearings

Ball bearings come in different types and designs to suit applications in different projects and designs. TFC supplies multiple types of C-Class ball bearings with customisable options to suit our clients’ needs. Our range of ball bearings includes;

Self-aligning ball bearings

Self-aligning ball bearings feature an inner ring and ball assembly held securely within an outer ring with a spherical raceway. The design of these ball bearings is such that they can tolerate minor angular misalignment due to either incorrect mounting or deflection.

Self-aligning ball bearings are commonly incorporated within long shafts because of the difficulty of adequately mounting housing bores. The bearings also commonly feature in mechanical systems with a risk of the shaft bending during operation.

When opting for self-aligning bearings, it should be noted that their application should be restricted to light axial load applications because the outer ring raceway provides a limited amount of support for rolling elements.

Self-aligning ball bearings are often featured in gearboxes and final drive transmissions, among other similar applications.

Deep groove ball bearings

This is the most commonly used variety of ball bearings. It comes in different arrangements, including seal, shield and snap-ring options.

The race dimensions of deep groove ball bearings closely match those of the dimensions of the ball therein. They are also well-suited to support weighty loads. Deep groove bearings can provide both radial and axial support. However, the contact angle of the bearing can’t be adjusted to vary the relative levels of such loads.

The deep groove ball bearings come in different configurations, including single-row deep groove bearings, magneto deep groove ball bearings, maximum type ball bearings, and miniature and extra small bearings. This range commonly features electric motors, vehicle motors, office machinery and garden tools.

Thrust ball bearing

Thrust ball bearings are a unique variety of ball bearings that facilitate interaction and movement between two mechanical parts. However, their primary role is in supporting axial loads. Most thrust bearings come with flat or aligning seats that correspond with the shape of the outer ring seat. The most common applications of this range of bearings are in industrial fans, aerospace, mining and automotive.

Angular contact ball bearings

Angular contact ball bearings have unique internal and external ring raceways that are disconnected from each other in relation to the bearing axis. This range of ball bearings allows for the support of loads with a combination of axial and radial forces.

Unlike most ball bearings, it’s impossible to dismantle these bearings and remove the races or balls. However, they feature many bearings for increased support of axial and radial loads.

Angular contact ball bearings support speed optimisation and minimise friction to different loads. Under angular contact ball bearings, you will find different variations, such as single-row, double-row, and four-point contact bearings.

Applications of this range of bearings include metal rolling mills, compressors and pumps, electric motors and generators, machine tools and spindles and vehicle hub bearings.

Partner with TFC

TFC is a leading ball-bearing supplier with a reputation for the timely supply of high-quality ball bearings for all clients. We supply C-class varieties of ball bearings and can work with the client and our manufacturers to develop bespoke solutions to meet the needs of a specific project.

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