TFC is a leading European supplier of circlips with next day delivery available on all standard DIN and Imperial Circlip sizes up to 50mm/2″ diameter. With over 40 standard ranges of circlip available, TFC are able to offer an ideal fastening solution for all applications.

With over 40 years experience and with a technical support team available in-house & in the field, TFC are pleased to advise the ideal circlip ring for your application.

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Circlips Range

A circlip, also known as a retaining ring or snap ring, is a versatile fastener composed of a partially flexible ring with open ends. This ring restricts lateral movement in various machine components while allowing for rotational motion.

Circlips are typically installed using circlip pliers, which expand the ring during installation and allow it to fit into a groove or housing.

TFC, a reputable supplier of a diverse range of fasteners, including circlips, caters to numerous applications. Our selection of circlip fasteners encompasses the following categories:

Types of Circlips

Circlips exhibit diverse shapes, designs, and sizes, each tailored to distinct application needs. Among the circlip options, TFC provides are:

Internal and External Circlips

Distinguishing these two variants is their application location. Internal circlips are employed in bores, while external circlips find use on shafts. These circlips often find application in motors, pistons, and turbines. Our assortment includes subcategories within internal and external circlips, including:

  • Standard external circlips
  • Lugged external circlips
  • Standard internal circlips
  • Lugged internal circlips

Lugged internal and external circlips are equipped with evenly spaced lugs to ensure optimal contact with radiused or chamfered components for bore sizes ranging from 16mm to 170mm.

Constant Section Retaining Clip

This circlip variant maintains a consistent section thickness from its centre to its ends. Installation, akin to internal and external circlips, necessitates circlip pliers.

Spiral Retention Rings

Manual installation is possible for spiral retention rings. These rings maintain a uniform section thickness and a 360-degree contact area. Their spiral shape provides a measure of shock absorption.

Tapered Section Circlip

The thickness of this circlip type tapers toward its ends, with the centre being the thickest and the ends being the thinnest. Circlip pliers aid in their installation.

Inverted Circlip

Similar to tapered section circlips, inverted circlips possess inverted lugs. Installation methods mirror those of tapered section circlips.

K and E-Clips

K-clips exhibit a tapered section design with additional lugs, while E-Clips resemble the letter “E” and are inserted radially into shafts (not axially). E-Clips lack lugs, rendering them incompatible with circlip pliers. Conversely, K-clips, equipped with lugs, can be managed using circlip pliers.

Advantages of Utilising Circlips

In contrast to alternative fastening options available at TFC, circlips offer unique advantages. Some benefits include:

Secure Placement

Circlips are designed to maintain their position even in high-speed applications. This stability ensures their effectiveness in dynamic parts, such as bearing wheels, by withstanding forces and contributing to safe machinery operation.

Consistent Measurements

Certain circlip types, like external circlips, play a pivotal role in upholding consistent measurements for crucial machine parts. These circlips generate outward forces to preserve structural diameter, preventing malfunctions.

Enhanced Grip

Circlips primarily serve to provide a secure grip on mechanical components. Particularly adept at this role, retention rings prove effective when correctly sized and chosen for the application.

Smooth Gear Function

In applications involving multiple moving parts like gears, circlips facilitate axial movement while maintaining gear alignment and preventing unwanted lateral displacement.

Partnership with TFC

TFC is a distinguished distributor of an extensive array of C-Class fastenings and fittings, catering to the unique requirements of OEMs and assembly plants. Additionally, TFC holds the exclusive UK distributorship of renowned Smalley wave springs and retaining rings and is a premier distributor of ARaymond Quick Connectors. These specialised components, adaptable to a diverse range of applications, exemplify TFC’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions.

Under the stewardship of AFC ownership, TFC draws upon a rich heritage spanning more than six decades, proudly offering superior and efficient connection, retaining ring, and spring solutions. Our capabilities extend beyond conventional offerings. Alongside our comprehensive range of C-Class fastening solutions, we excel in crafting bespoke options. Engage with our technical team to fine-tune designs, receive prototypes for meticulous testing, and seamlessly transition to full-scale production. Backed by industry-leading manufacturing partners, our solutions set new standards in quality for springs, retaining rings, and connectors.

At the core of TFC’s ethos lies an efficient supply management system. We empower operations to run seamlessly and cost-effectively through meticulous vendor coordination and timely deliveries. This integrated approach eliminates unnecessary warehousing expenses while ensuring your supply chain remains a well-oiled, efficient engine.

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