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TFC is a leading European supplier of E-Clips. E-clips are a type of tool used for projects such as car engines and locking mechanisms. They resemble an ?E? shape and have one side with an opening. E-clips are large retaining rings, and retaining rings hold parts on a shaft when installed in a groove.

With over 40 years of experience and with a technical support team available in-house & in the field, TFC is pleased to advise the ideal E-Clip ring for your application.

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E Clips Range

An E-clip is an open-ended retaining ring fixed into the grooves to restrict the loosening of the part due to high rotational motion. E-clips are suitable for rotary assemblies. It is also known as a C-clip or a snap ring.

The three prongs on the E-clip make contact with the groove and act as a shoulder. The clips reduce the use of nuts, bolts, rivets and pins.

This is one of the most common types of external clips. Its design allows it to expand when mounted around the shaft and to expand when mounted in a hole. E-clips are mainly used for devices such as car engines and locking mechanisms.

Types of E-Clips

The vast range of applications for E-clips means they require different designs to keep up with the requirements of each application. Available types of E-clips from TFC include;

Bowed E-clips –imperial

This radially applied E-clip features a large shoulder on a small shaft diameter. The bowed construction of the E-clip allows resilient take-up of end play. Our range of bowed E-clip is made from carbon spring steel as the standard material and has a phosphate and oil standard finish. But there are customisation options available.

Crescent-type circlip – imperial

Crescent-type circlips are applied radially over the shaft and designed to secure against impact and vibration. This type of circlip is ideal where clearance radial clearance is limited. Like the bowed E-clip, this range also comes in carb spring steel as the standard and also has the phosphate and oil standard finish.

Reinforced E-clips

These are also radially applied E-clips. But because they are reinforced, they provide greater retaining strength and high r.p.m limits than standard e™ rings. The standard material for our range of reinforced E-clips is carbon spring steel, and the standard finish is phosphate and oil.

Standard series E™ Clips

Standard series E-clips provide a large shoulder on a small shaft diameter. They are also radially applied, are made from carbon spring steel, and have a phosphate and oil finish.

E-clips are available in various materials as per the type of applications and conditions of the project. The most commonly used materials for making E-clips are carbon spring steel, hardened and tempered carbon spring steel, stainless steel, beryllium copper and alloy steel.

TFC can also supply the clips in various finishes, including the phosphate and oil standard finish, mechanical zinc plating, electro-zinc plating, polish and natural finish.

How to Determine E-clip Size?

E-clips come in different sizes for different applications. The size of the E-clip depends on the outermost diameter of the groove where it can be fixed. The two most vital parameters when determining the size of the E-clip are the throat width and free diameter.

The throat width is the size of the opening on the clop, and the free diameter is the width from the centre to the narrow side of the clip. These parameters should be considered when choosing the right E-clip for your application.

Applications of E-Clips

E-clips feature in various applications, from simple hand tools to complex aircraft parts. In every application, the purpose of the E-clip is to prevent the bearing and hub from coming out of the shaft. These clips are also used in transit and railway systems because they offer the advantage of easy installation and removal.

However, while the clips offer many advantages, caution should be taken when using E-clips because they have a limited capacity to hold a load. Also, correct sizing is vital to ensure they’re not too tight around the shaft but still provide a tight fit that prevents loosening. Also, the clops are not ideal for lateral movement in assembly because of structural building.

Partner with TFC

TFC is a leading supplier of fasteners and a wide range of clips, including E-clips. With a reputation spanning over six decades and backing from the parent company, AFC, we have made a name for ourselves as the premier C-Class fastenings supplier and provide our clients with bespoke fastening solutions matched to the requirements of their projects.

We have partnered with industry leaders in the industrial fastening world to provide vendors, suppliers and private clients with fastening solutions of unrivalled quality. We aim to supply you with E-clips that align with the unique demands and quality tolerances of your applications.

TFC also offers vendor-managed inventory for its vendors. Using our systems, vendors can manage optimum stocks to maximise profit while cutting back on unnecessary storage fees. The system allows every vendor to achieve efficiency, minimise overstocking and the costs that come with it and maximise profit. With VMI, you don’t have to worry about running out of parts without knowing. Combined with our strategy supply solutions, you can run timely and efficient operations.

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