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~Local support, global reach: A Q&A with TFC~

In July 2022, TFC Ltd became an operational unit of AFC Industries, a value-added provider of fastening and vendor-managed inventory (VMI) solutions based in Ohio, USA. Morgan Burgoyne (MB), President of TFC, sheds light on what this integration with AFC Industries means for customers and the broader industry.

Can you provide an overview of AFC Industries and its alignment with TFC?
MB: “AFC Industries, headquartered in Cincinnati, USA, is a fast-growing full-service industrial distributor to OEMs, utilities, distributors, and users of C-Class components across 27 U.S. states and Mexico. It offers VMI services, custom-engineered products, cutting tools, packaging and other supply chain solutions like kitting, light assembly, packaging and private labelling.

“TFC is the European arm of AFC, with presence across multiple industries in Europe and operational bases in the UK, Germany, and the Czech Republic. For over 60 years, we have provided VMI solutions and technical engineering products, covering both specialist and C-Class components for various industrial applications, including aerospace, electronics, automotive, and industrial equipment. Our synergy with AFC Industries isn’t just about market overlap; it’s our shared commitment to service-oriented excellence that now makes the AFC group one of the largest VMI service providers globally.”

Why is being part of AFC Industries particularly significant now?
MB: “The VMI and fastener supply sectors are well-established but have faced challenges from the global pandemic, supply chain shortages, and international geo-political conflicts. These issues have impacted our competitors differently, with some struggling for survival and others focusing inwardly on profit retention, which impacts their customer service capabilities.

“Integration with AFC Industries is crucial in this landscape, as it brings the backing of a global, financially robust organisation to TFC and our customers. With over 90 locations in the US and 100 worldwide AFC Industries’ global strength and sourcing depth are highly valuable assets. This integration means we can continue the strategy of forging close, long-term local relationships with European customers.”

What does this partnership with AFC Industries mean for TFC customers?
MB: “This alliance with AFC Industries expands our platform, enhancing product range and supply chain capabilities, thus broadening the scale and scope of our services.

“In 2023, our first full year as part of AFC, we expanded our reach by opening new locations and enhancing our product offerings through strategic acquisitions. This growth enables TFC to better serve the European manufacturing sector, staying close to our customers while drawing on the extensive resources of AFC Industries.”

MB: “Being part of AFC Industries amplifies what TFC does best. It aligns us with a like-minded parent group that shares our philosophy, accelerating our ability to support an even wider range of customers across Europe. This brings the TFC experience to the entire European manufacturing network. AFC Industries brings extensive regional knowledge in global sourcing, logistics, bulk purchasing, streamlined operations, and optimised supply chains. Our customers now have access to these capabilities through TFC’s well-established and efficient network in Europe.”

MB adds: “We’re easy to do business with, and our alignment with AFC’s S.I.M.P.L.E. management approach makes improving supply chains more straightforward for manufacturers. This partnership epitomises what TFC stands for, solving customer problems and creating real value.”

To learn more, visit TFC’s website at https://tfc.eu.com/

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