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TFC Ltd News | Our 10 key adaptations to VMI

Since our last update, we’ve been working on ways we can support customers and their Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) supply chain systems during the Covid-19 pandemic. Crises such as this shine an innovative and brighter light on system and process changes to maintain continuity and even build business going forward.

We believe these changes could make a significant difference to your VMI system, and TFC has the experience and ability to adapt to your needs while working closely with you to monitor your top KPIs to ensure optimum performance. To enable our customers to benefit from our expertise, we bring together an implementation team with specialists in operations, purchasing, sales, logistics and more. Meaning our customers benefit from just one contact, but with the skills and expertise of a full team. What more could you ask for in a VMI partner?

TFC Top 10 adaptations to support customer VMI supply chain:-

  1. Pre-stocking VMI Bins
  2. Labelling VMI Bins Pre-delivery
  3. Provide Detailed Online VMI Proposals
  4. Offering Overnight or Weekend Installations
  5. Convenient TFC PPE Vending Machines Available
  6. Sourcing PPE for Customers from Global Partners
  7. Overseeing Hygiene Standards
  8. Operational Risk Assessments
  9. Observing Social Distancing
  10. Minimising Time on Site

If you would like to hear more about VMI support from us, then please give our Central Team a call on 01435 866011 or contact us.

Our support teams are more than happy to use online meetings to enable contact, either from your work or home office. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Catch up on all of the latest supply chain, fastener industry and company news from TFC Ltd.