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Do you need support accessing specialist parts?

At TFC, we are seeing more and more manufacturing customers request help sourcing specialist parts components that are custom produced using processes such as CNC machining or cold and hot forging. 2021 is a great opportunity to get UK manufacturing back to its best. We want to do our bit by giving customers every opportunity to access the components they need, including specialist ones.

Sometimes a standard “off the shelf” cold formed fastener just isn’t suitable for a specific application and this can be for a multitude of reasons. For example, the part’s sizing, material, finish or technical specifications may be inappropriate for its intended use. But, with our expertise and experience, we can help customers find the solution.

When sourcing specialist parts, the first port of call is often the local machine shop because it is close and convenient. However, this may limit opportunities to drive down costs or shorten lead times, so it may help you to collaborate with a specialist during the sourcing process, ensuring you can always access the parts you need, when you need them.

TFC, for example, has over 60 years of experience sourcing components. When a customer needs help accessing specialist parts, we can draw from our global network of quality assured manufacturing partners. As a result of our strong relationships, we can compare and contrast what is available, enabling us to offer customers competitively priced solutions and a lead time that works for you.

Making manufacturing easier

By incorporating specialist parts into a TFC vendor managed inventory (VMI) service, we can take the pain of managing these potentially problematic and longer lead time parts whilst the customer enjoys all the benefits of a managed system, such as reduced stock holding, improved cash flow, total quality management (TQM) and a streamlined process. Alternatively, TFC can stock in bulk at one of our local distribution centres, ready to be called on schedule as required.

The outcome of reduced time spent sourcing parts, negotiating prices, making payments, managing the supply chain and stocking shelves enables a complete focus on what you do best — manufacturing.

Ensuring quality

Every product TFC supplies goes through a rigorous quality assurance process in adherence to ISO9001:2015 and as required Aerospace AS9100/9120 accreditations. Utilising our in-house facilities, we have the equipment and skills to check even the most complicated product. Need certification? Not a problem, we can offer PPAP, FAIR, ISIRS and more.

2021 is a year of opportunity. To support you, TFC is here to help source, manage and supply the parts you need. Whether they are off the shelf or bespoke specialist components, TFC is here to help bring it together.

Looking to improve the way you source specialist parts? If so, call us on 01435 866011 or send us an enquiry.

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Latest News From TFC

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