Silicone O-rings

Silicone O-rings

Viton, Silicone and EPDM Core Encapsulated O-Rings (FEP). Consisting of either a Silicone or a Viton core, which is then encapsulated in Teflon-FEP, these useful O-Rings can succeed where others may fall short.

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The combination of the core material and the Teflon encapsulation, ensures a high chemical resistance as well as a resistance to compression sets, meaning it can be used within harsh sealing environments. The encapsulation is seamless, resulting in a product with no weak points. The Teflon offers a higher operational temperature and is FDA approved for applications that must adhere to these regulations. In addition to the solid core, we offer a hollow core FEP, which can be particularly useful when sealing delicate objects such as glass or plastics. Like the O-Rings, the dimensions of an FEP are characterised by the inside diameter (I.D.) and the cross-section (C.S.). We stock many sizes including British standards (BS) sizes, but we can also offer unique sizes that are specific to the requirements of the application in question.

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Latest News From TFC

Catch up on all of the latest supply chain, fastener industry and company news from TFC Ltd.

Latest News From TFC

Catch up on all of the latest supply chain, fastener industry and company news from TFC Ltd.

TFC supplies O-ring seals in different configurations and made from different materials to suit the application in question. Among our C-Class O-rings are silicone O-rings that provide supreme resistance to high temperatures and offer unparalleled flexibility. The seals can withstand exposure to various substances and gases, making them perfect for various applications across different industries, including electronics, automotive, medical and more.

Silicone O-rings come in simple and complex parts, and TFC can help you supply the correct O-rings for your application. Within the ranks of silicone, we supply O-rings made from different types of silicone possessing different features. The different types of silicone O-rings include the flowing;

  • Dimethyl silicone – This range of silicone O-rings is ideal for applications where silicone O-rings are recommended.
  • Phenyl silicone – Ideal for low-temperature applications.
  • Fluorosilicone – Has superior oil resistance properties
  • Liquid silicone rubber – For injection moulding

In addition to the above types of silicone O-rings, there’s also High consistency silicone used in compression, rubber and transfer injection and LSR silicone, which is injection moulded.

The different types of silicone produce O-rings suited for applications with different parameters. The variety of silicone O-rings makes it easier for vendors to recommend the right type of O-rings to their clients based on the requirements of the application in question.

TFC can supply silicone O-rings in C-Class varieties and customised. You can work with our design team to develop designs, get prototypes of extensive testing and transition into manufacturing and supply.

Benefits of Silicone O-rings

The use of silicone material to make O-rings presents unique properties that benefit various industries. Its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, particularly on the lower end where silicone really shines because it remains flexible which is crucial for the performance of O-rings.

Silicone remains clean and doesn’t retain odours or taste, making it a preferred seal material in food, medical and semiconductor industries. 

Other useful properties that make silicone O-rings stand out include the following;

  • Silicone is resistant to fungal growth
  • It holds up well to weathering
  • Stands up well to hot air, UB and Ozone exposure
  • It has a hardness range of between 30 to 80 durometers
  • Can be compounded to meet various international standards
  • Resists damage from engine, transmission, vegetable oils and animal fats, making it preferred for applications in the respective industries.

Compatibility of Silicone O-Rings

Silicone might have its unique set of properties that make it ideal for certain applications, but it also has downsides and applications where it might not be the best material for O-rings.

The recommended applications of silicone O-rings are those that require good electrical properties, resistance to heat and cold, and resistance to weather, acid, chemicals, oil flame and steam.

Silicone O-rings are not recommended for applications requiring high tensile strength levels, resistance to wear and tear, dynamic resistance and high abrasion resistance.

Common Silicone O-Ring Applications

Thanks to the unique properties of silicone, silicone O-rings have applications in many industries featuring various machines and industrial equipment.


You can find silicone O-rings in brake systems, engine, air condition, and transmission components. The seals are used to prevent fluids, lubricants, coolant and fuel from leaking.

Aviation and defence

In aviation, silicone O-rings feature in various parts of helicopters, ships and gun systems. The feature in everything from engines to hydraulic systems.

The rings also feature in other sectors like electronics, food and beverage, where they’re extensively used in medical, pharmaceutical and utilities.

What makes silicone O-rings stand out is that they can be formulated to meet various requirements like colour, insulation, temperature ranges, etc. Based on the application, silicone seals can be transformed to any of the following properties;

  • They can insulate or be conductive
  • Can handle extreme heat or freezing temperatures
  • It can come in any colour, including translucent and luminous
  • Non-toxic and fungus resistance.

Overall, silicone O-rings stand out in many applications where organic rubber cannot perform or meet the required threshold.

Partnership with TFC

TFC is a leading supplier of leading seals, springs and fastening options with over six decades of experience. We provide the top performance silicone O-rings from leading and reputable brands to deliver superb sealing performance for any application in question.

The seals are highly durable with a high abrasion tolerance and can be supplied in C-Class varieties or customised to meet the various spectrum of requirements per the application in question. We aim to supply O-rings that align seamlessly with the unique demands of your application.

Whether you’re looking for C-Class O-rings or bespoke solutions, TFC is dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations through our range of seal solutions. We have a technical team on standby that can collaborate and handle queries and design needs for our clients. Together with our manufacturing partners, who are unicorns in the industry, we can help you get customised silicone O-rings that meet all your aesthetic and technical requirements.

We also provide comprehensive supply management services to vendors, helping them save on warehousing costs while running efficient and timely operations through our strategic supply solutions.

Whether you’re a one-time client or looking to position yourself as a leading vendor and supplier of Silicone O-rings and our other spring and fastening solution, TFCs innovativeness, efficiency, and understanding of the industry will be vital in ensuring you meet all your goals and performance targets.

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