Bowed E Clips – Imperial

Bowed E Clips – Imperial

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Product Information

  • Radially applied.
  • Provides large shoulder on small shaft diameter.
  • Bowed construction permits resilient take-up of end play.

Standard Material: Carbon spring steel
Standard Finish: Phosphate & oil

Dimensions in Inches

Quality assured since 1981 ISO 9001:2008 Aerospace AS9100C & AS9120AWith ISO9001: 2015 approval incorporating Design Status, our qualified engineering staff are able to offer a completely free of charge engineering service and are available to assist with part selection, custom design, application requirements, material selection and more.

Applications are discussed in-depth, first-off design data and drawings are submitted for approval to ensure our customers are provided with the correct design, first time. However, on those rare occasions when modifications are necessary, our no-tooling process and flexible manufacturing procedures means the production of prototypes is easily and economically achieved without onerous tooling charges and long lead times.

At TFC we realise that Quality runs through the entire business, not just our products. We have continually invested in the right people to provide the superior market knowledge and customer service.

Our supply chain partners, from manufacturers to logistics and information technology are carefully chosen to ÿt our commitment to quality

Quality assured since 1981
ISO 9001:2015
Aerospace AS9100C & AS9120A

All products are batch traceable and can be supplied in accordance with REACH, RoHs and Weee.

Certificates of Conformity are available on request and Full material certification is also available on many items.

Part CodeShaft STolGTolWTolDC1tTolMinMaxApplicator
NA3131X011.110-.000.079+.002 -.000.035+.003 -.000.375.390.015±.002.020.033AM6W
NA3131-012.125+.040 -.±.0015.014.021AM7
NA3131-015.156+.050 -.
NA3131-018.188+.060 -.
NA3131-025.250+.100 -.000.210+.003 -.000.049.527.540.025.032.0479C
NA3131-050.500+.120 -.000.396.073.800.820.042.049.071AM21W
NA3131X1181.1181.079+.005 -.000.107+.004 -.0001.6261.670.062±.003.070.104

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Latest News From TFC

Catch up on all of the latest supply chain, fastener industry and company news from TFC Ltd.

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