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TFC Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) provides a streamlined system tailored to significantly improve production performance, delivering what your manufacturing needs when they need it.

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Enabling Supply Chain Excellence Our Bespoke Vendor Managed Inventory Services

TFC VMI solutions simplify your supply chain, facilitate capacity growth, streamline business processes, and enhance profitability. Working with TFC, the UK’s fastest-growing Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions provider, means placing your trust in the best possible hands.

With many clients in the UK and worldwide, TFC has helped companies achieve significant benefits associated with implementing an approved, high-performing VMI system combined with the purchasing, stock holding and handling of a wide range of products and components.

Whether referred to as Direct Line Feed (DLF), Just In Time (JIT) or KanBan, our VMI has recognised that a “one-size-fits-all” approach is not the answer. We design our solutions to offer a flexible VMI system that caters to your specific requirements captured during a comprehensive site survey.

With the personal relationship of a local supplier, our global reach means we can support customers’ products and supply chain needs wherever they are in the world.

Working with your technical and quality teams, we can operate behind the scenes advising more effective components and fastening solutions to bring the benefits of product rationalisation and optimal material selection.

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Our reputation has been built, above all, on the quality of our products and the level of technical and logistic services. Our mission is to provide an outstanding contribution to our customer’s success by supplying innovative products and services in all areas where we can add value and help our customers improve their business. Whether it is a simple threaded bolt or a complex bespoke product made to customer drawing specifications, our quality assured fasteners are guaranteed to provide the perfect solution to your fastening needs.

  • Bolts & Socket Screws in various grades
  • Nuts, Washers, Rivets & Screws of all types
  • Circlips, Springs, Keys and Seals
  • Threaded Inserts – for plastics, timber & metal
  • Electronic Hardware – standoffs, handles, ferrules
  • Construction Fixings – anchors, through bolts, resin
  • Panel, Wire & Pipe Fasteners
  • Sheet Metal Fasteners – self-clinch & rivet bushes
  • Bearings
  • Seals and O-Rings
  • Machined and turned parts to specification
  • Tools, PPE & Consumables

With decades of experience, TFC is the leading European supplier of Smalley Spirolox Retaining Rings, Snap Rings and Wave Springs. Local stock availability and engineering design support from all TFC locations.

What is VMI?2021-02-25T15:11:47+00:00

Vendor managed inventory (VMI) is a system where manufacturers outsource inventory management to a third party.

The third-party vendor takes full responsibility for the optimisation and management of the customer’s inventory. The vendor ensures that the right parts, fixings, consumables, material, and other products are delivered to the right locations at the right time, providing timely stock replenishment in-line with the predefined delivery schedule.

What should I consider when setting up a VMI system?2021-02-25T15:08:32+00:00

Look for a VMI partner that takes the time to understand your unique requirements, including material flow and the type and number of parts needed. A VMI system tailored to the exact requirements of your business will produce the best results.

When adopting a VMI system, remember that the service may need to evolve as the company grows. Choosing a VMI supplier that provides flexible VMI systems, good lines of communication, and access to a global market means that the partner can scale its service based on your needs, driving continuous improvement.

What are the benefits of using VMI?2021-02-25T15:08:59+00:00

Vendor consolidation can significantly simplify inventory management. With TFC VMI, manufacturers will have a dedicated account manager, but will also benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a multi-disciplinary team.

TFC VMI allows manufacturers to:

  • Streamline their supply chain through vendor rationalisation
  • Continually monitor stock usage, allowing for adjustments as necessary
  • Ensure continuity of supply, mitigating risk to the business
  • Purchase parts for lower prices from the VMI provider due to its industry relations
  • Reduce direct and indirect costs through process improvements and product standardisation
  • Free up valuable warehouse & storage space & reallocate a workforce
  • Manufacture quality assured products with full batch traceability knowing TFC have quality approved your requirements before supplying them
  • Ensure end to end supply chain management
  • Benefit from a VMI solution that is tailored to their specific needs

Tailored VMI SystemsTFC’s logistical expertise is matched by its technical know-how. We can design a system to suit your specific needs, no matter the component, application or quantity. Whether you operate a track-line feed, direct-line feed or cellular manufacturing, we can arrange a bespoke stock replenishment system using the latest technology to ensure an efficient, continuous and worry-free supply of stock.

  • The Group offer product expertise and technical design capability and we support stock rationalisation and standardisation reviews through our on-going review process or RFQ
  • Our team give continuous support including regular business reviews and cost management proposals for
    resourcing alternative supply options
  • Our Site Audit Surveys are undertaken by an experienced VMI advisor
  • Our JIT solutions aim to reduce flow times within customer production systems and help control variation in processes, allowing an increase in productivity while lowering costs, similar to Lean production systems.

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Whats TFC VMI Means to you

  • A system that makes your supply chain work for you
  • Streamlining internal processes and administration
  • Ensuring material availability to enable capacity growth
  • Consolidates your supplier base
  • Smart stock management and control
  • Access to a proven, high-quality global supply chain
  • Partnering to create continuous value
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Customer Service Wrap

TFC offers a Service Wrap to work closely with you to achieve your production and supply goals via our regional service centres delivering the benefits of VMI with a local personality.

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From the start of the initial introduction, TFC stood out from the crowd with their enthusiasm, proven experience and knowledge.

Automotive Customer

We chose TFC for our VMI systems because they listened to our need and customised the solution accordingly.

Agricultural machinery customer

VMI Smart Solutions

VMI Smart Solutions TFC’s VMI enterprise-level cloud-based Vendor Managed Inventory solution takes managing your inventory and assets to another level.

TFC’s customisable portfolio of Smart Solutions combines one of the most flexible inventory management systems available with industry-leading intelligence software to improve your control, leakage, security, compliance and availability.

  • Peace of mind that high-value inventory is secure and controlled
  • Reduction in the unnecessary turnover of inventory
  • Improved forecasting and demand schedules, linked to TFC branches to oversee stocking
  • Improved compliance for H&S
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Know your stock levels, real-time, all the time. Having stock information at your fingertips maximises materials management to ensure product availability even in the most unpredictable manufacturing environments, with the added benefit of reduced stock-taking time.

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A locker-based industrial vending solution that speeds up distributing your inventory and assets – eliminating a significant level of downtime. Slightly different from other vending products as these lockers are about managing returnable assets such as power tools or tablets, along with rechargeable points.

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Secure industrial inventory management solution enables customers to manage and control their inventory and assets effectively. iVendSecure gives you 24/7  point of use availability of rationed items for specified users.

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Scale-based inventory management vending system providing secure access and product dispensing. The iVendScale system logs inventory data collected via the scales as products are dispensed.

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Case Studies: Our Work In Practice

Latest Vendor Managed Inventory Case Studies

Case Studies: Our Work In Practice

Latest Vendor Managed Inventory Case Studies

Latest Vendor Managed Inventory News

Why Vendor Managed Is Vital For Your Business

Our vendor-managed inventory service can have far-reaching benefits for your business and customers. Some of the reasons why you should consider working with us include;

Reduced inventory costs

Our VMI services help you optimise your inventory levels and minimise excess stock. By ensuring you have the right amount of stock, you can reduce warehousing and storage costs and other obsolescence costs. You can also save on the manpower you need on the warehouse floor, reducing your overheads while ensuring a better and more efficient operation for your customers.

Improved supply chain efficiency

With VMI, we take most of the responsibility for inventory management, allowing you to free up resources and focus on the more core activities of your business. This improves overall supply chain efficiency and allows you to take up endeavours that can grow your business, like marketing, while we work to ensure you have the right stock for your business.

Better customer service

Just as you will have a better experience with our VMI service, so will your customers. We ensure you have the right products available when needed reducing stockouts and improving fill rates. You never have to turn another customer away because you don’t have the right ring, spring or fastener in stock. This will translate to better customer service and satisfaction because your customers can rely on you to get the products they need.

Improved demand forecast accuracy

We have decades of supply chain experience. We understand the multiple industries that use our products and the market trends that influence the demand for our products. With the addition of any sales data you can provide us, we have better visibility of the demand patterns, facilitating more accurate demand forecasting and reducing the risk of stockouts and overstocking.  

Reduced lead times

With our VMI, we can closely monitor inventory levels and demand. We can proactively replenish your stock resulting in shorter lead times. Your buyers can receive their goods faster, and you can reduce the time between order placement and delivery.

You also have the added benefit of our in-house engineering team and manufacturing capacity for buyers interested in customisation. Our in-house processes reduce waiting time and increase efficiency on complex orders that require re-engineering or customisation of the rings, springs or fasteners to fit specific applications.

Stronger supplier relationship

As you preferred VMI service, we take time to understand your business and its needs. We work to foster closer collaboration and communication to ensure you can respond effectively to your needs and build trust and transparency. Our interest is in mutual growth, and we have the resources and willpower to see yours and our business grow.

Risk reduction

When you work alone, you run all the risks and costs, which can sometimes be too much for your business. But with a VMI, the vendor shares the risks and even some of the costs with you giving you a competitive edge and lower risk exposure. With our experience and technology, you can lower your exposure to risk with things like overstocking. We can help you streamline your business and minimise unnecessary overhead costs like storage for slow-moving stock. Instead, you can place orders for such stock when needed.

How We Add Value to Our Partners

Besides the many perks that come with using our VMI service, you also get to benefit from the various ways we add value to our partners like;

  • We offer product expertise for buyers looking for insight and direction on our best solutions for various applications and projects. We also have technical design capability and support stock rationalisation and standardisation reviews through our ongoing review process or RFQ.
  • We provide continuous support, including regular business reviews and cost management proposals for resourcing alternative supply options.
  • You will receive regular site audit surveys from our experienced VMI advisors.

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